Safety and Emergency Information

Smart Start

Smart Start is a safe driving presentation provided by the Irvine Police Department in collaboration with IUSD in an effort to ensure the safety of our students beginning their driving careers. Each of our high schools will require SMART START attendance and participation for students interested in obtaining a school parking permit. For this reason, IUSD administration and the Irvine Police Department have identified various dates, times and locations for the presentation and welcome students from IUSD high schools to attend any session.

Students (grades 9-12) may participate in the presentation before or after they receive their driver’s license and have a need for a school parking permit. Student attendance for the entirety of the presentation is required to gain a parking permit and is sufficient for the remainder of the student’s high school career. Of course, students interested in brushing up on their driving skills are encouraged to attend more than once during their high school experience. We also encourage and welcome parents to accompany their child to the presentation as the content is relevant for all drivers.


Please see the "Parking Policy" link below for Smart Start dates.