Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Woodbridge High School is a neighborhood school. We celebrate diversity as a strength of community and we strive to nurture an environment where all students, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion or background, have equal access to an educational experience that equips them for success in college, careers, and life beyond high school. We engage each other with openness and empathy. We value the distinct nature of the individual in the work of shaping and improving our community. We are many. We are one. We are Warriors


Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:


Students will grow a sense of self that exhibits pride, confidence and healthy self-esteem. Students will also recognize those same values in others and empathize with contexts that may not be their own. Students will develop the ability to engage this and the learning process with perseverance, advocating for themselves with respect and integrity. 


Students will seek to understand the lived experiences of individuals and express empathy when faced with similarity and difference. In doing so, all students will gain a sense of belonging that will empower them to explore and access opportunities for growth and learning. 

Critical thinking

Students will be active participants in the learning process and develop agency over their thinking and decision-making. Students will then be able to think within and across disciplines to create solutions to complex and multifaceted problems. By listening and being open to multiple perspectives, students, in turn, will refine their own positions and take seriously the responsibility they have to contribute to the constructive exchange of ideas and the discourse of the citizenry.